Brady Nelson

Yet another Millennial multi-hyphenate.

I write.
I make movies.
I have fun inspiring humans to feel something viscerally (that technically means "in their guts." I know. Gross.)

Creative Writing

I'm a writer first.
I love other mediums but that's the truth. We humans compress our world to make sense of it and find meaning in it, and that compression is story. If you want that compression to not scramble everything, keep things brief and tell the truth.
I've written scripts that I've had optioned and pitched to networks like History Channel, along with short stories published in outlets like Clarkesworld Magazine. I also write copy, am a top-rated freelancer on Upwork, and unspool my thoughts for fun on Substack and Twitter (when I'm feeling masochistic).
Here's a link to my short story in Clarkesworld:

Project Management

Once you have a story and it's solid, you have to get it out in the world. It's noisy out here, and to stand out you have to use the same principles that make your story worth reading in the first place to catch people's attention. Just even more compressed.
I learned how to do this best by directing operations for Story Power Marketing, a boutique SaaS marketing company. We onboard clients to our imprint of GoHighLevel and run their email, webinar, funnels, and automations for them. So...most of their digital marketing.

I've worked for clients like:
-Confidence Wealth Management
-STR Technologies
-Geisler/Patterson Law
-Senior Resource Planning
-Lazar Marketing


Filmmaking is the culmination of writing and project management, at least when you're above-the-line.
I've written, produced, and directed two short films, a web series, and my first feature film, Outrage.

I have experience working with:
-Adobe Creative Suite
-DaVinci Resolve
-AI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney,, Pinokio, Pika, ElevenLabs, etc.
And more conceptually with:
-Taking a project from conception to distribution
-Creating pitch decks, trailers, and other marketing material

Not enough Brady?

Feel free to email me or reach out to me using whichever method below works best for you. I'm happy to send samples that I'm not able to include in this portfolio for privacy reasons.

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